Jessica Cameron on Silent Night, “Steven C. Miller is going to go far!”

*One thing you can say about Jessica Cameron is that you can’t knock a girl for trying. Determination and devotion to her craft earned her a small role in the upcoming remake Silent Night. You may recognize Jessica from horror films such as Hell-O-Ween, The Sleeper, and Camel Spiders, but her role in Silent Night is her first role in a major motion picture. This is cause for celebration, and of course, a little interview. Read on for some details about Jessica’s time with Silent Night.

Q: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you hear about and get involved with this film?

J: I heard through the blood soaked grapevine that the film was getting remade. With a few simple questions I was able to find out who was producing it and contacted them to let them know that I would love to be involved. I really think that this film deserves to be remade! The original was very 80’s and not particularly scary, not to mention that it was not seen by the masses. I submitted my materials and reel, and since it was a cameo role those involved felt comfortable casting me without an actual audition.

Q: Despite it just being a cameo role, how did you respond to the good news?

J: I was just elated to be involved! I have never chosen my projects based on the size of the role, it’s always more important that I am working on projects that I feel strongly about with people whom I admire. And realistically it is the largest film that I have had a speaking role in, so I didn’t expect a large role in it. I also understand that there is not always a main role for my type, and even if there is, often those roles have to go to “name” talent.

Q: IMDB says your role is “NURSE.” Are you able to elaborate?

J: I don’t want to give too much away about the scene, but let’s just say that I am the nurse in an iconic scene and leave it at that to avoid spoilers (and me getting myself into trouble).

**My two cents, if the remake keeps the same sexual overtones of the original, I bet JessCam will be playing a sexy nurse! Oh yeah!**

Q: Does your scene/scenes take place with any of the well-known cast members like Jaime King, Malcolm McDowell, and Jamie Kennedy?

J: You will get to find that out in December, my friend.

Q: So this is definitely going to theaters?

J: I’m fairly positive it’s going to theaters, but I guess nothing is ever 100%.

Q: How did filming your scene/scenes go, just overall?

J: Awesome! Steven C .Miller is going to go far. WOW – so impressive! Such a handle on EVERYTHING, and he did not appear stressed out at all!

Q: He impressed you as a director? How so?

J: Working with Steven C. Miller was an amazing experience, I have never seen a director in such complete control on set, he knew exactly what he wanted, how to get it, and maintained the respect and admiration of EVERYONE on set. I would LOVE to work with him again. I have an overwhelming desire to watch every one of his films after seeing him in action (and by the way he was impressive calm the entire time too). So upon my return to LA my friends and I are having a Miller Film Marathon and are going to watch The Aggression Scale and Automaton Transfusion!

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**Photo credit: Dread Central, and Greg Damron.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)