DVD cover art for vampire short ‘Pra/ey’

I was going to title this, “super cool dvd cover!” but that would be embarrassing. But, I am very impressed by the DVD cover art for the upcoming short film Pra/ey. I’m mostly just excited because author Lia Scott Price and I have become the best of pals and I’m excited to see a project she’s passionate about coming to life. Pra/ey is still in post production, but I’m hoping I’ll get a glimpse at the finished film soon!

Pra/ey is a short film based off of Lia Scott Price’s vampire trilogy, Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels. The film follows a woman (played by Lia Scott Price) who is confined in a mental hospital. She tries to convince a psychiatrist not to pray to a Guardian Angel, knowing of the deadly consequences when someone does so. Pra/ey is directed by Ray Rod, written and edited by Lia Scott Price, scored by Mike Naz, and also stars Jennifer Cannon and Brandon Murphy Barnes.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)