Jessica Cameron


Jessica Cameron was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto to study fashion at Ryerson University. After finishing her degree she moved to Ohio to work as a fashion designer and in her spare time she decided to try an acting class. The acting bug bit, and Jessica has since made acting her full time career.

In the few short years she has been acting full time, she has already been cast in more then 50 projects including music videos, TV shows and feature films. In 2010 she won an industry award for being a Rising Movie Star.

Recently she had a cameo in the horror remake Silent Night directed by Steven C. Miller, played Princess Areola in the feature film Potpourri directed by Elliot Diviney and she starred with horror icon Steven Geoffrey’s in the feature film Mr.Hush. She also had the chance to work with legendary director Jim Wynorski on the (Starz bound) film Camel Spiders and the established horror director Jeff Burr on a feature film entitled Resurection.

She was in three web series that have been released in 2011 including the syfy film noir “Aidan 5”, the comedy series “2 Doors Down” and the action packed series “Caught!”

In 2011 she started her comic book modeling while appearing in Brian Shirley’s “Crocaloctopus” and Dennis Willman’s “Ginger-Stein”. In 2012 she will be starring in Dennis Willman’s comic book series “The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow” as well as many more film and TV projects.


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Twitter: http://www.twitter/jessicacameron_

Written by Mitchell Wells

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