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“Pyro” Sets Los Angeles Alight this August: Concept Poster

A concept poster for the television series “Pyro.”

Busted Knuckle Productions is developing another product. Their latest is titled “Pyro.” “Pyro” is a television series in which a volunteer fireman must face off against a pyromaniac operating in the Greater Los Angeles area. However, this volunteer has fire starting impulses of his own. Will he be able to suppress his desire to set the city alight long enough to capture this mysterious figure?

Shooting for “Pyro” begins August 12th and a few cast details have been announced. Those to star in “Pyro” include: Scott Michael Campbell (Flight of the Phoenix), Kristen Ruhlin, Tess Kartel, Hunter G. Williams, Chris Hayes, Jason Gray-Stanford and Olivia Prado-Martinez. All of these cast mates will be a part of Tyler Jacobs’ life. Jacobs is the central protagonist in this story.

Justin Bowman and Chris Hayes will act as writers for the series.

Now, the first concept poster has become available for “Pyro.” This graphic shows the destructive path taken by the series’ main villain. Houses and apartments will be set aflame. More details on “Pyro” are scheduled for mid August.

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