David L Tamarin


I am an entertainment law attorney, writer, scriptwriter, script supervisor, actor, and I handle media and press releases and relationships.

I write for Girls and Corpses magazine, and are their General Counselor; I write for; I write the column UGLY WORLD at; and I write for New England Horror Writers Association newsletter. I have been published in Rue Morgue, Verbicide, Old Nick, Scars,, The Independent,, death bus, The Death Mook, Really Scary, Chimeraworld 2, Chimeraworld 3, The Dream People, Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens, The Dream People, corpsefuck, Trump Zero, Whispers of Wickendness, From Night Till Dawn, Wicked Carnival. Justus Roux, stabbed tortured dismembered, Twisted Dreams, Purpleverse, Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak, GOREmet cuiSINe, the Ethereal Gazette, Purplerverse, Trails of Indiscretion, Necrotic Tissue, Withersin, Other Voices Other Places, Cyber-Pulp Halloween 3.0, Wretched and Violent, bloodcookies, Three Minute Plastic, SInfully Twisted, Revenant, Red Scream, Project Contagion, Scrawlings, the e-book Let Them Eat Snuff, the new absurdist, Mondo Bizarro, Corporeal Flux, Insidious Reflections, Gothic Fairy Tales, Flashshots, Cherry Bleeds, Splatterpunx, Drowning in Odium, The Unholy Biscuit, Justus Roux, Logical-Lust,

I have also co-writen feature length and short films, and worked as a scipt editor on several films.

I have interviewed Takashi Miike, Jeremy Kasten, Wrath James White, Mike Philbrin, John Peyton Cooke, Haij Demarjian, , H G Lewis, Melantha Blackhorne, Michelle Meek, Richard Griffin, Robert Rhine, Rodrigo Gudino, Eric Ruhling, Madelina Horne, Seregon O’Dassey, and many more. I have written reviews, articles, editorial pieces, legal essays and thousands of court and legal essays and memorandum, fake snuff movie reviews, and many articles on true crime, serial killers, and many articles on true crime, unusual sexual paraphilias, and a legal essay on legal torture in American prisons. I have reviewed many horrror and true crime books such as Ray Garton’s Scissors, Robert Rhine’s 3 Ring Circus of Hell, Wrath James White’s Succulent Prey, John Peyton Cooke’s The Chimney Sweeper, Hertzan Chimera’s boyfistgirlsuck, and many more.


Associate Producer- THE PROFANE EXHIBIT

Co-writer- Countess Bathoria’s Graveyard Picture Show; The Gateway Meat

Actor- Prison of the Psychotic Damned, Beg, Nun of That, Profane Exhibit, The One, Graveyard Picture Show, Gateway Meat, What’s Your Number?, The Gateway Meat, Here Comes the Boom, Fraternitas, Crooked Lane, The Awesome Rocker, Slip and Fall, The Loudest Sound, The Dead Are Among Us, Grown-Ups, Grown-Ups 2, I Hate You Dad, Junkmail, legless, Sorrowseed video for legless, Stingray Tattoos commercial, two iParty commercials, Body of Evidence (tv pilot), Quinn Tuplets (tv pilot), Empire State (tv pilot), House Rules (tv pilot)





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