This has been making the rounds on the internet so I figured I’d share.

Apparently, Federico D’Alessandro is still very interested in rebooting the Halloween franchise. He is actually a very accomplished artist, with storyboard, art design, and animation credits on films such as Stay Alive, Abominable, I Am Legend, Thor, and The Avengers. So, Mr. D’Alessandro created this animated pitch, his vision of what he could bring to the table if he was chosen to reboot Halloween. His only director credit is a short called Recollection, by the way.

As I just stated, Federico created this pitch years ago…and gave it to Platinum Dunes when they were trying to decide how to revamp the franchise. Obviously the job went to Rob Zombie, but at least Mr. D’Alessandro is getting some recognition for his efforts now.

The caption on the video reads: “As a lifelong HALLOWEEN fan it would be a dream to direct a reboot of the franchise that’s so near and dear to my heart. I created this animatic to show the tone and storytelling that I would bring to the project if I were lucky enough to have that chance. If you like it, please repost…if this gets enough hits, who knows, maybe I’ll get that opportunity!”

I’m not sure if Federico was trying to reboot Halloween as an animated feature or if this is just a really good storyboard to show what he could have brought to the live action, big screen. But what I am sure about is that the short is absolutely amazing! I especially loved the “twist” ending, literally. Check it out below!



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