Ditch is a slasher film from director Joe Hendrick. The film deals with a high school ditch party, which quickly turns into a massacre. Character Jenny has a past and part of that past turns up at the celebrations with an axe.

This film is expected to release in 2013. Fans of the macabre can view the first movie poster here and a few early stills are below.

The official synopsis:

The Ditch official synopsis:

“Jenny Bilson, a high school senior, is the perfect student, a wonderful daughter to a veteran police detective and an all American Dream. But the one mistake she made, which she doesn’t even know that she made, is about to haunt her in a very violent way. Throwing a high school ‘ditch party’ will end up being one HELL of a mistake! Her past returns to exact revenge on Jenny and anyone else who might get in the way.”

Release Date: 2013.

Director: Joe Hendrick.

Writers: Daniel P. Coughlin and Ryan Coughlin.

Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Katy Foley and Zach Silverman.

*the film’s homepage is listed in the sources section.


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