Tulpa image 3Italy has a wonderful tradition of producing giallo (an Italian 20th-century genre of literature and film, which in Italian indicates crime fiction, mystery and includes elements of horror and eroticism) type horror/thrillers.  Were treated to a new red band trailer for the gory looking film, Tulpa from Jinga Films.

Tulpa is directed by Federico Zampaglione (Shadow) and stars Claudia Gerini, Michele Placido, Nuot Arquint, Michela Cescon and Ennio Tozzi.

As of now, there is no U.S. release date set, but stay tuned to Horror Society for the latest on Tulpa.

Film Synopsis:

Lisa is a powerful stock broker who frequents Tulpa, a sex club owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. Unshackled from the pressure of her job she will do anything to attain a higher consciousness, but when her lovers are murdered in shocking ways, Lisa tries to unmask the anonymous assassin with nightmare consequences.

Watch the very cool looking trailer here,


For more information on Tulpa, check out the Jinga Films website.

Tulpa movie poster 2

Tulpa image 4

Tulpa image


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