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Born on this day in Horror history

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1990 – Jake Thomas, who appeared in the films “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” “Dinocroc” and “Monster Night.”

1974 – Christian Bale, who starred in “The Prestige,” as “American Psycho,” as “Batman” in “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” and as “John Connor” in “Terminator Salvation.”

1959 – Dwier Brown, who appeared in “House”, “House II: The Second Story”,  “The Guardian”, and “Red Dragon”.

1951 – Charles Dutton, who starred in “Aliens 3,” “Gothika” and “Legion.”

1937 – Vanessa Redgrave, who starred in “The Devils,” “The Seven-Percent-Solution” and “Deep Impact.”

1930 – Gene Hackman, who played “Lex Luthor” in the “Superman” films and played the “Old Blind hermit” in “Young Frankenstein.”

1914 – David Wayne, who appeared in the films “The Andromeda Strain,” the 1951 version of “M” and also played “The Mad Hatter” on the “Batman” TV series.

1911 – Hugh Marlowe who starred in the films “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers,” “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “World Without End.”

1910 – James Carreras, the founder of Hammer Films.

1906 – Terry O. Morse, who directed the films “Space Children,” “Curucu, Beast of the Amazon” and the American footage of Raymond Burr used in the 1956 American release of “Godzilla, King of the Monsters.”

Christian Bale
Christian Bale
Dwier Brown
Dwier Brown
Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman
James Carreras
James Carreras

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