…Just because the reality show cameras have left the New Jersey Shore doesn’t mean something isn’t lurking beneath the boardwalks.

Welcome to the New Jersey Shore, specifically New Point Lake; a quiet little town sandwiched between two of the State’s biggest party spots. Now that the top rated reality show has pulled out of the area, the citizens of Exit 98 had hoped that their lives could return to normal. They were wrong…

Lured by the promise of young, drunk muscle heads and hot, dumb sunbathers, it seems that vampires have set up shop in New Point Lake and are feasting on the locals. Fronted by their leader, a nefarious red head who is way up in the vampire hierarchy, the vampires plan to make the town a breeding ground for their undead army. When the B.E.N.N.Y.S. return for the summer, it will be an all you can eat buffet.

Enter MGD, the State’s – and maybe the country’s – only chance for survival. Mike GD was just your average vampire television fanatic until the last great New Jersey slayer passed the torch on to him. Now he has dedicated his life (sort of…) to stopping the vampires in his city before they grow in numbers and expand their reach. Your typical hard bodied but kind bail bonds assistant by day is MGD: Vampire Hunter by night.

Join him in his journey to save the New Jersey Shore from something other than Snookie.

theproducersMichael George “DeFellipo,” is the mastermind behind the insanity. After writing for the award winning website for two years, Michael is embarking on a journey all of his own in kickstarting a new comic book series. A college graduate with a degree in Media and Film, this is Michael’s first venture into something other than student film. He says, “I’ve had this silly idea in my head for a while, but with minimal experience behind the camera, I didn’t really have the resources to bring it to life other than a one shot short film. That’s where crafting the idea into a comic is genius; it always leaves the door open to pick it up as a web-series later on. “

Michael is being joined in this literary expedition by his good friend, Lia Scott Price. The California native is enjoying success of her own with her comic book series Vampire Guardian Angels. “She was the perfect mentor to help me along. Strict and methodical, but nurturing as a friend should be.” Lia Scott Price will be heavily featured in the comic book series as a vampire warlord. Along with Price, scream queen Jessica Cameron (Camel Spiders; Mr. Hush; Silent Night), fx artist Angela Pritchett (Foodie, Porkchop II), and horror hostess Roxsy Tyler are rumored to appear.

“MGD is pretty much a super hero version of myself, except not really,” Michael adds. “He lacks some morals, the ability to prioritize, and other characteristics that would make him a bonafied hero. Luckily, he’s easy on the eyes, very friendly if not slightly dimwitted, and he’s a pretty good fighter…which hopefully more than makes up for everything else.”

An artist will be selected to create the pages of the comic book within the next week. The announcement will be partnered with the launch of a fundraising campaign to gain extra funding for this project.

Michael DeFellipo


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