Two Abduktors showkased in Amerikan Holokaust


aerikanhaustAre you ready to see two psykophathik tales krammed into one movie? Seriously, though, it sounds like Amerikan Holokaust is going to be a special treat for torture porn fans across the globe. This feature length horror film coming in 2013 follows two war veterans who abduct, torture, and force others to join their army of murders. But, you can read all about that and more in the press release below.

“Prepare yourself for a journey through HELL as you witness the private home videos of two whacked out Vietnam Vets on a killing spree. Michael Mashburn and his former Lieutenant, Antwan Mercer shelter themselves from the world to make a new beginning. They start by abducting young men and women and torture them for their own amusement. The victims will be treated to the most vial and heinous ways you can ever imagine. Some of them they will keep and force them to join their army, but most will all die a slow and horrible death. Watch a video diary of a madman where you will not only hear about these vicious crimes, you will actually watch them as they happen!

Produced and directed by Chris Woods, producedand written by John Miller, Amerikan Holokaust will star Jules Sceiro, Bob Glazier, Cyndi Crotts, Rue Goregrinder, Audrey Hayes, Kelly Helen Thompson, Tara Caitlin and Joe Makowski.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)