He’s back!

Despite being promoted at various horror conventions and on a few radio shows, we haven’t actually seen anything from Sheriff Tom vs. The Zombies since the trailer was released last November. Well, with the release of the film coming within the next two or three months, director Ryan Scott Weber is letting lose with a bunch of new stills from his highly anticipated sequel to Mary Horror. You can find the brand new stills below and they include shots of the main cast, the Horror Society “Best Villain” Award winner Sheriff Tom, and a look at celebrity cameos by Lloyd Kaufman and Edward X. Young.

In Sheriff Tom vs. The Zombies, “It’s a year after the brutal slayings of Mary Horror. Sheriff Thomas Walker (Joe Parascand) has survived and is out on the loose. The not so right, egotistical Sheriff has Mary’s spell book and is planning a killing spree similar to Mary Horror’s to take the spotlight away from her. He decides to start a killing spree at a séance party that plans to bring Mary Horror back to life. In the middle of his killing spree a spell is unleashed by accident turning everyone in town into human flesh eating zombies!! Join Sheriff Tom as he faces the zombies!” Sheriff Tom vs. The Zombies is written and directed by Ryan Scott Weber; with a brand new cast of fresh actors joined on screen by Shawn C. Phillips, Monique Dupree, Lloyd Kaufman, Robbie Rist, Roxsy Tyler, Edward X. Young, and John Link.



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