Creative Team Behind ‘Pontypool’ Team Up For New Serial Killer Film

Cashtown Corners book coverIf you haven’t seen the unconventional zombie thriller Pontypool from 2008, they you’re missing out on a cool take on the zombie genre.  The folks behind that film, director Bruce McDonald and writer Tony Burgess are teaming up once again for another romp in the horror genre.

Twitch is reporting, they’re both working on an adaptation of Burgess’ novel People Live Still In Cashtown Corners as just Cashtown Corners to hopefully be filmed later this year.

Plot Synopsis

Bob Clark lives and works in Cashtown Corners. In fact, he’s the only resident of the tiny rural town. Bob has never really felt like himself whenever other people are around, and feeling normal is all he wants in life. One day, Bob decides that the only way to truly be himself is to murder anyone who makes him feel abnormal; which is everyone. This psychological horror chronicles Bob’s blood-filled journey through his new life, one that revolves around joyous, satisfying, and beautiful murder. Tragedy rips through everyone in this rural area; everyone except Bob Clark who’s never felt more normal.

Take a peek at their concept trailer they put together for funding purposes to give potential investors an idea of what the film might look like.


I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Cashtown Corners in the future, so keep it right here to Horror Society for the latest updates!

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