Sand Shark gets sequel, titled Avalanche Shark

avalancesharkDespite lowering ratings and even lower DVD sales, these indie creature features destined for SyFy Channel refuse to give up. While I have enjoyed some of these CGI monster blunders over the years, I do think they could have picked a better film to make a sequel for.

It would appear that Sand Shark is getting a sequel, tentatively titled Avalance Shark. Unfortunately, it would make sense. In Sand Shark, the prehistoric sharks had found a way to use wet sand as a coat to travel around underneath the surface of the beach. In Avalanche Shark, I’m guessing sharks will find a way to use snow in the same way. The plot of Avalanche Shark hasn’t been released yet, but I figure I have most of the plot fleshed out already.

And, apparently, Avalanche Shark is a direct sequel as Brooke Hogan will be resuming her role as Sandy Powers. Coming from Odyssey Media and Pulser Productions, Avalanche Shark is written by Keith Shaw (who penned Malibu Shark Attack) and directed by Scott Wheeler. Other cast members appearing beside Hogan will include Kate Nauta (“Fear Clinic”), John Hundrieser (Dracano), adult movie star Emily Addison, and Richard Gleason (“Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction”).

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)