Walking Dead Fails (32 pics)

So with the latest season of The Walking Dead now over and fans eagerly awaiting the next season, we can poke a bit of fun at it…. Check out this gallery of Walking Dead Fails via Buzzfeed.

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Samuel Robert Schroeder says:

This is what happens when a show gets too big for it’s shoes. Makes a big error, no viewer ever cares.

Jura Metloš Loskutörr says:

I stopped watching this piece of shit already..

this is funny – but some of these are very wrong. But, I think its funny to dish around.

Jake Todasco says:

Yes, like the one where Rick is walking the perimeter, he’s actually walking on the inside of the fence, not around the entire prison henceforth he would never know about the broken backside of the prison.

Still fun stuff though.

Des Malone says:

No meme but here are the ones I found sad…

Season 1 – department store walker using a big rock to slam into the glass doors – both sets. Definitely a screw up but I wish they’d have recovered by having Jenner tell them some walkers, depending on when they died or how or what from, retain some ability to solve problems (like using a rock as a hammer to break glass) which would make the walkers way more threatening. As of now they’re about as spooky as a rabid cow. Just side step them. Even Andrea seemed utterly annoyed by walkers inconveniencing her.

Season 1 – Morgan’s walker wife – looks through peep hole and jiggles door knob. See above.

Season 1 – never found out what happened to Merle’s hand

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