Haunted House imageWe’ve got news about another supernatural flick heading into production soon.  The film Out of the Dark has some major casting announcements that were released today.

According to Deadline, Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman and Stephen Rea have been tapped to star in Out Of The Dark, a supernatural thriller just getting underway in Bogota, Colombia under Spanish helmer Lluis Quilez.

Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King and Nick Spicer of XYZ Films serve as executive producers. Alex & David Pastor and Javier Gullón wrote the script, about an American couple, Sarah and Paul Harriman, who move to Colombia with their young daughter, Hannah, to take over the manufacturing business owned by Sarah’s father, and soon realize that the house they’ve moved into is haunted.

Julia Stiles imageScott_Speedman image Stephen-Rea image


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