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Johnny Dickie Needs Your Help!


Indie director Johnny Dickie needs your help.  This 16 year old director has been making shorts for several years and takes his horror very seriously.  He has made several shorts and one feature film called Slaughter Tales that was released by Briarwood Entertainment.  Anyway, Dickie has been using an old computer and Window’s Movie Maker to complete his products which has degraded the quality of his films.  Dickie has now turned to crowdfunding king Indiegogo to secure the much needed money.

The IGG page had all this to say about the effort:

My name is Johnny Dickie. Since the age of 13, I have been making movies with my family and friends. It all started with a short film called “I Know What You Did Last Weekend” and I’ve been making horror films ever since. I write, act, direct, edit and create the special effects in all of my films. I started Undead Video, which has produced several short films and a feature. I am now 16 and my enthusiasm for horror films is still strong… Much stronger than the equipment and technology I am working with. Every Undead production thus far has been edited using Windows Movie Maker on a Dell laptop.Though the end product is watchable, it falls far short of the intended vision.Movie Maker has limited editing capabilities and is VERY prone to crashing.I can’t tell you how many projects have been corrupted or lost due to this faulty program. The goal of this campaign is to raise enough money to buy a better computer and editing software.If you help me reach my goal, you will not only be helping advance the career of a young filmmaker but you will also be eligible for some fun perks, from signed copies of films to screen credits, even a role in an upcoming film!

This campaign aims to raise $2,000 for the purchase of an IMac desktop, an external hard drive and Final Cut Pro 7 editing software. This equipment will help all future Undead productions in a very big way, whether filming a two minute short or a feature-length film. This equipment and technology enables multiple audio tracks, reverse footage, color correction, more precise cuts and playback, less crashing, and many other helpful editing features.If the goal of $2,000 is not reached, the remaining costs will be raised to make up the difference. Any additional funds donated after the goal of $2,000 is reached will go towards the purchase of a new digital camera for future Undead Video productions.

Even though I’m young (or low-age, as I like to say), I am VERY serious about filmmaking and an avid fan of the low-budget horror genre. I have produced and directed countless short films including The Robot Ninja, Blood Mask, The Severed Arm Re-Amputated, and Clampires and Other Stereotapes. My first feature film, Slaughter Tales, released by Briarwood Entertainment in 2012, has garnered a cult following, gained world-wide distribution and been reviewed and many other fanzines and review blogs. My second feature film, City of the Dream Demons, is currently in production. I’ve also assisted other filmmakers on their projects, including music videos, comedy sketches, a zombie crawl commercial and special effects and make-up on independent horror films.

I gained working knowledge and experience with Final Cut Pro as an intern at Scribe Video’s Documentary History Project for Youth, where I co-produced a film about the history of education in Philadelphia. I am excited about the possibility of using it on my own projects so every future Undead production look as slick and well cut as possible.

Any contribution helps in a big way.If you can’t contribute financially but want to help out, please, share this campaign with your friends, family, anyone who might be interested. Every little bit really means a lot! Without the fans and friends, the indie filmmaking culture would be as dead as the victims in an Undead Video production!”

Dickie has some great perks for those that contribute.  Check out the list below!

  • $5 (Giving Thanks) – You will receive a special thank you in the first short made.
  • $25 (Video Age) – The previous perk plus a signed copy of Slaughter Tales.
  • $200 (Executive Decision) – You will receive a signed copy of Slaughter Tales and the upcoming City of the Dream Demons plus you will receive a executive producer credit on CotDD.
  • $1000 (A Star is Born) – You will have yourself written in as a character to be killed.  You will also receive 5 copies of the film.

So head over to the IGG page here and check it out.  Donate what you can to help this young filmmaker achieve more than most fans of the genre have only dreamed of.


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