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Plaga Zombie, American Invasion

An over the top thrill ride…

The movie takes place in New Bedford Ma. The city becomes infected with an alien virus, turning everyone into zombies. The gov’t makes the decision to sever the city from the rest of MA, sending it into the Atlantic Ocean. Three friends must not only save themselves from becoming infected with the virus, but stop the now floating New Bedford from smashing into the Azores.

The film is based off a trilogy from Argentina titled Plaga Zombie.  My director has partnered with this group of film makers to deliver the most authentic, over the top, gore fest Action/Adventure film to hit the film circuit in years. The most exciting part of the project is the established fan base of over 2 million people who loved the original Plaga Zombie trilogy, and cannot wait for the American version.” – Cheryl–2?mobile=1&version=2

Written by Mitchell Wells

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