After Credits Cameo: The Curse of Chucky (contains spoilers)

Curse of Chucky bluray coverI haven’t gotten a chance to watch the new direct-to-DVD Child’s Play sequel yet, but one scene in particular has been making considerable buzz around the internet. Some of you may have missed it, if you turned the movie off without watching the credits through, so let me say now that you should beware! Spoilers are ahead!


After the ending credits in The Curse of Chucky there is another secret scene. I’ll lift the description directly from Wiki: “Chucky is delivered to the now adult Andy Barclay. When Andy turns his back to answer a phone call from his mother, Chucky cuts his way out of the package. Chucky looks at an old photo of Andy and his mother from when he was a kid, before turning his attention to Andy. Andy, anticipating Chucky coming after him, holds a shotgun to Chucky’s head. Andy remarks, “Play with this”, before pulling the trigger.”

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m much more excited to see an Alex Vincent cameo than a Jennifer Tilly (as Tiffany) cameo. Fans of the original Child’s Play movies – before shit got all crazy with a wife and transgendered baby – haven’t seen Andy since his brief appearance in Child’s Play 3; and haven’t really gottena good role from Alex Vincent since 2008’s Dead County.

This is just one more reason for me to pick up The Curse of Chucky. Child’s Play 2 was the first horror film I ever watched (at age 7) and I’m glad to see a sequel that is canon. I’ve heard that its a real return to horror too. Is this good enough to be one of my Halloween night movie picks? Let me know, guys!

Oh, and before I let you go, here’s a funny promotional photo from Vincent’s official Facebook page:


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)