Return of the Killer Shrews DVD Review


These guys bring the old 1959 classic back to life with this modern day sequel. This movie was a great throwback to all of the old low-budget classics. It’s a comedic bloodbath full of campy goodness. In my opinion a good creature feature needs a little camp, and these guys nailed it.

I was really glad to see James Best reprising the role of Captain Thorne Sherman. It gave this sequel a really great sense of continuity and ties the original in really well. Best had me in tears because I was laughing so hard. He did an amazing job. The flashbacks to him the the original really tied the story together, and helped carry the story through. I was also pleased to see Jennifer Lyons had a role in this film. I really enjoyed her performance, and I really hope to see her name pop up more often in the near future.

The shrews were just as comically menacing as they were in the original. The CG was pretty awkward at times, but that just added to the charm of this movie. The raspy screeching noises they made were so odd, but I think it worked pretty well.

I usually don’t say this about horror, but this movie was a lot of fun and I greatly enjoyed watching it. I definitely recommend it if you like silly sequels to the old classics.

This DVD is also jam-packed with awesome special features including:
-Documentaries featuring behind the scenes footage on set and in the studio including: Behind the Music, Behind the Special Effects, Meet the Cast, and Meet the Producers
-“Shrewd Awakening” music video by the Bamboo Trading Company featuring Bruce Davison and Dean Torrence (of Jan & Dean)
-Original Trailer
-Director’s Commentary with Steve Latshaw and Fred Olen Ray

It also features a super awesome bonus feature:
-A new 16×9 1.66:1 Digital transfer of the original cult classic KILLER SHREWS, also starring James Best (Running Time: 69:00, black & white, English mono 2.0)

For more information and to get a copy for yourself head on over to or check them out on Facebook at

Written by Holly Von Doom

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