1964341_10202469524072879_302599068_n“Do you miss the days of Troma Films, Up All Night with Rhonda, Tales From the Crypt, Elvira, and magazines/graphic novels like Eerie and Creepshow? Do you wish you had access to thousands of horror related events, businesses, actors, movie reviews, comics, and more? We do too, and that is why we are taking our obsession with horror, sci-fi and the macabre and turning it into a nationwide magazine available both in print and digital format.

We believe horror is a way of life not a genre, and we have created an everyday living magazine based on what we think our idols like Morticia Addams, Herman Munster, Darth Vader, or Vampira would want to read. Horror decor, fx makeup tips from the experts, exclusive interviews with big name horror celebs from the past and present, horror fashion for men and women, B movie reviews, profiles on horror artists, and so much more to keep you entertained, enthralled, informed, and in love with horror issue after issue.”


The entire month of February is a celebration of women in horror, and to honor all of these talented women involved in all facets of horror businesses, we dedicated our entire second issue to these cherished Scream Queens.

Featured interviews: Julie Adams, Dee Wallace, Gabrielle Stone, and Linnea Quigley. With a full photo spread featuring the art series Slaughterhouse Starlets by artist Keith P. Rein, “The Dedman” Michael C. Jones of Horror Society gives his choices for Best New Scream Queens, B-Movie Reviews, Monster Maker Susan Attai, and much more.

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