Slaughter Daughter (Review)


Director – Travis Campbell (Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical)
Starring – Nicola Fiore (Bloodbath in the House of Knives), Leesa Rowland (Return to Nuke em High Volume 1), and Tim Dax (I Spill Your Guts)
Release Date – 2012
Rating – 2.5/5

Tagline – “Terrible daughter.  Perfect Killer”

Lately I have met a lot of horror fiends through Facebook that have been reaching out to me with info on movies they think I should review. Most of the time these movies are right up my alley but sometimes these films miss.

That brings me to my next review for Slaughter Daughter.  Brain Damage Films was nice enough to send me a screener for the film but it was a new one to me.  A movie friend of mine finished this movie just a few minutes prior to me watching it and said that he personally enjoyed it.  I knew of the director, Travis Campbell, through his previous film Mr. Bricks.  I never saw that film but I was still rather excited to watch this one.


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the beautiful Farah (Fiore).  Farah was once a beautiful beauty queen but her mind has started to slip ever since she was stood up on her wedding day.  Her father has passed away and she now lives with her mother and aunt (who are secret lovers).  Her mother is very abusive to her and is engaged to her father’s former best friend.  She often hides inside her mind to escape from the horrors of her real life.  It is here that she begins an obsession with serial killer Jackson Miles (Dax).

She cuts her finger off and mails it to him as a sign of her affection and this lands her a stent at the local mental hospital.  Upon her release she visits Miles on death row and offers him her body in return for a lesson in murder.  Soon she goes on a crash course in murder and her family are the ones who suffer.**Spoiler Alert**

I always greet every movie with an open mind.  However, I may not always go into a movie with enthusiasm or excitement.  After hearing my horror friend brag on the film I was very excited to say the least.  Hell, even the poster art for the film sparked excitement.  However, once I started watching the film I quickly realized that this one did not fit my taste in movies.

The acting in this one is great.  In fact, I would call it top notch.  The entire cast did great and really submerged themselves in their roles.  This made the film a lot easier to swallow.  The story for this one is very fun but it moves at a snails pace.  The film has so much potential but it is ruined with the films running time.  Personally, I think this film would have went better if it was a short or edited to have a shorter running time.

Finally, the film has some decent special effects.  The special effects are not something I would call phenomenal or truly amazing but they do fit the film and the kills we get on camera.  Overall, Slaughter Daughter is a film with a great story but fell apart during production.  I recommend it to watch at least once but it has no replay value.



Written by Blacktooth

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