Bill Johnson and Nurse Hatchet collaborate, create The Faust Haiku CD.

10425600_681641091906809_972451868_nYou know, the horror industry is such a small, tightknit group that it’s easy to make a name for yourself based on being in a cult classic or just from being different and noteworthy. Everyone recognizes Bill Johnson for playing Leatherface in 1986’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. And I know Nurse Hatchet from promoting “The Chainsaw Sally Show” and Night of the Dolls. The pair of individuals have joined forces to create a musical nightmare. Yes, music! Together they are recording a three track CD of B-sides and original songs based on classic faustian tales and haikus. The album will be titled The Faust Haiku.

So far, two out of three songs – and two out of three accompanying music videos – have been released and have performed extremely well. The first song, “Faust at the Crossroadz,” reached #1 on independent Industrial Metal Music charts and stayed there for nine months straight. The second song, “Tap Dancing With the Reaper,” has spawned a lot of remixes. Song #3 and its music video are currently awaiting release before the final collaborative album is debuted. Each track has been described as a mix of genres including electro erotic, industrial horror, punk, and fetish metal. Bill Johnson and Nurse Hatchet both cite Rob Zombie, Ministry, NIN, Gary Numan, David Lynch, Wendy O Williams, Danny Elfman, Oingo Boingo, and Wendy Carlos as musical influences.

Nurse Hatchet, a gore effects artist and soundtrack composer, and Bill Johnson will appear in all three songs and music videos. Bill wrote the lyrics and sang featured vocals for all three songs while Nurse Hatchet uses her talents as the band leader of Mixtress Deamonatrix to fill in on all other roles. Patrick D-day Madcox is also part of the project by providing additional composition, mixing, and engineering. Tracks from The Faust Haiku CD collaboration will be featured on soundtracks for Slashers Gone Wild 2, Night of the Dolls, SkullButcher, and Lake Eerie.


“Faust at the Crossroadz” on Soundclick

“Tap Dancing with the Reaper” on Soundclick

“Blood Dancing with the Reaper” (with Fire) Remix on Soundclick

Music Video for “Faust at the Crossroadz”/”Faust at the XXX-Roadz”

Music Video for “Tap Dancing with The Reaper”/”Blood Dance the Reaper” with Fire)

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)