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This Exclusive Quick Look Into ‘The Sins of Dracula’ Will Curdle Your Blood


The Sins of Dracula is the upcoming film from Scorpio Film Releasing and directed by the talented Richard Griffin.  Dracula has had many re-tellings throughout the years but none has excited me as much as this rendition.  The film is currently in production and Griffin was kind enough to send Horror Society exclusive images and insight into his new film.  Check out what Griffin has to say about the film below:

“I am overjoyed how extremely well the shoot for
The Sins of Dracula went. Never before have I worked with such a powerhouse
of a cast and crew. When I received the screenplay from Michael Varrati, I
knew we had something truly special … a kinky fusion of late-era Hammer
horror films like *The Satanic Rites of Dracula *and *Dracula AD 1972 *and
the Christian Scare films of the 60s and 70s. Michael script is extremely
witty, urbane, gore-soaked and erotic. I think people are in for a real
treat when they see the final product!

It was also a joy to be reunited with actor Sarah Nicklin, who started with
us way back in 2006 with a film I directed called *Splatter Disco*. Sarah
brings a beauty and intelligence to her role that only she can deliver. It
was also a great pleasure to work again with Jamie Dufault, who starred in
our film *Murder University*, and is who I believe to be one of the finest
young actors on the scene right now. And, of course, I believe we found the
best Dracula since Christopher Lee with Michael Thurber. His regal
presence, and his ability to convey so much emotion without uttering a
word, will make his Count one of the ages! We also had the added pleasure
of working with the great Carmine Capobianco, who horror fans will know
from the 80s cult Empire film *Psychos in Love*! Carmine was a true
sweetheart to work with, and I loved paring him up with my new favorite bad
guy Steven O’Broin, who played the villain in *Future Justice. * – Richard Griffin

Griffin was also kind enough to send Horror Society a few words from writer Michael Varrati.  Check that quote out below:

“Bringing SINS to life has certainly been a
journey, and like most, was not without its tribulations. However, thanks
to the amazing cast and crew who contributed so much talent, enthusiasm,
and passion to this project, seeing it come together was a experience. That
they all brought so much of themselves to make my blasphemous little script
a reality was humbling and a dream realized. As always, it was a pleasure
to work with filmmaker and friend Richard Griffin, who’s disturbed
sensibilities match mine and who also brought so much flair to the movie. I
love working with him and Scorpio, and if SINS excites you…I can promise
that we’re just getting started.”

Along with the quotes, Griffin sent three exclusive images along with some production info.  Check out that out below and be sure to check the film out on Facebook for updates on the film!

The Sins of Dracula stars Michael Thurber, Sarah Nicklin, Jamie Dufault,
Steven O’Broin, Carmine Capobianco, Elyssa Baldassarri, Aaron Peaslee,
Samantha Acampora, Jesse Dufault, Derek Laurendeau, Tobias Wilson, Johnny
Sederquist, Jose Gonsalves, Anna Rizzo, Christian Masters, Jamie Lyn Bagley
and was produced by Ted Marr and Stacey St. Edmunds for Scorpio Film
Releasing. It will have its world premiere on October 26th, 2014 at the
CinemaWorld Theater in Lincoln, Rhode Island.



Written by Blacktooth

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