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(Interview) Jeff Thompson

11406818_10103246247670699_3159306032976442495_nJeff Thompson is a filmmaker based out of the St Louis area. He sent in a concept trailer a while ago for a movie he is planning on making called the Bubbleheads. Not much info other than it was based on a legend, and shot on an iPhone. Well this trailer became one of the top posts on the website for a few days and caused a stir with some folks. I received several emails from people around that area asking me to take the trailer down, never talk about that legend, and I will be cursed if I do. Hmm…

So when I heard that Jeff is going to make this movie happen and work on it in 2016, I had to ask him a few questions about it. You know, to make sure I get cursed!!

You sent in a trailer for your concept of The Bubbleheads. It’s based on true events in the St Louis area. Tell us a little about that.

It is based on an urban legend that I grew up knowing since I was a child. One time when I was around 13 years old we went to check it out, it was extremely scary. A few of us came upon the house and got lost.

Is the legend about a serial killer or some psycho that lived in the house?

The legend is about a family of inbreeds that through years of inbreeding they developed “water on the brain” thus giving them the name “bubbleheads.”

Have you received any flak from locals associated with this legend?

Not yet

Do you believe in the Bubblehead legend?

I believe in the importance of it. I believe that it is connected to the local culture.

What’s the plan for this project? A short? Feature?

Definitely a feature, this is something that could be big like other horror franchises.

Do you plan on using crowd funding of any sort or find other investors?

We plan to use angel investors, and speak to some potential vc investors as well.

Tell us about your past projects or is this a first for you?

This will be my first feature film for sure. I have done other projects in gaming, comic books, and writing.

Are you planning on using an iPhone for the feature? I know some filmmakers have and they actually turned out decent.

No iphone for the feature. We plan to shoot on HD (with red one) OR with film (pending on the budget). I want this film to be done right, I had an excellent co-writer work with me on the script in Bernard Kenney he is up and coming, and I have an up and coming actor attached with Kobie Hamm.

What is the timeline like for this? Can we expect this sometime in 2016?

Realistically I believe we can get this out by 2017 If we raise the proper funds.

Who or what are some of your influences?

My favorite directors are Christopher Nolan, Rob Zombie, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. They all have their own way of doing their films and I love their films for each of my own reasons. Kubrick’s films play on your psyche, Spielberg’s films you can enjoy with the family, Nolan to me has incredible pacing in his movies, and Scorsese movies have such raw authentic realism to them.

Lets talk horror movies… what are some of your favorites?

Anything that Rob Zombie has done. I love Friday the 13th series with my favorite one being when he went to Manhattan. Halloween Franchise was good. I loved Saw because it was fresh, Scream gave me chills, also I think Child’s play is underrated, especially the first 2.

What’s the future hold for you and filmmaking?

I plan to use my startup company to make engaging films that can become brands the audiences all over the world will recognize.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer a few questions.

Check out the Bubblehead trailer below..

The Bubbleheads Concept Trailer

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!