Alex Vincent, Lynn Lowry Join the Cast of “Descending.”

1613785_10152528677191630_550227618050088304_nHorror celebrities Alex Vincent and Lynn Lowry have been announced as appearing in the upcoming vampiric horror film, Descending. Descending is just one of many titles Shattered Images Films will be greenlighting and producing over the next few years, but it’s also their title that I am the most excited for. The screenplay was written by Chad Zuver and the feature will be directed by Kayla Elizabeth.

Alex Vincent is most known for playing the role of Andy Barclay in four of the entries in the iconic Child’s Play franchise. After a long hiatus from acting, Alex returned in 2013 with roles in Dead County and House Guest. Lynn Lowry is one of the most incredible actresses in the game, one who’s also maintained a career in the horror genre for almost five decades! Her many recognizable appearances include The Crazies (1973), Shivers (1975), Cat People (1982), Dead Things (2005) and Splatter Disco (2007).

Other lead and supporting cast members include frequent backing talent Amber Fox Dawn (“The Walking Dead”), Jimmy Dempster (“Salem”) and Moses J. Moseley (“The Originals”) as well as indie horror favorites KateLynn E. Newberry (Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth) and Roger Conners (Chill: The Killing Games) with Chad Zuver, Melissa Zahs and Thomas Sloan rounding out credits.

Currently, the synopsis is summarized as, “one year after all the vampires were killed off, one powerful vampire was left hiding and seeks revenge on Karver and Paige.” Leaves a little to be desired, but I’m intrigued.

Descending has a tentatively release date aimed at December 2017.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)