Slasher House II Debuts First Trailer, Sets World Premiere Screening.

14940232_1303127326387336_7877504394585176084_oYou know what’s better than a slasher movie? A slasher movie sequel. And horror fans are going to get just that in 2017 with the release of Slasher House II. Following a successful fundraising campaign, the sequel from Mycho Entertainment is set to see its world premiere at the Horror on the Sea Film Festival on Sunday, January 22. Not only that, but UK cinema buffs can already pre-order the movie here and genre fans all over the world can get a peak at the recently unveiled trailer below. This movie is coming full force in 2017! One Girl. More Killers. Get Ready. Let’s Go!

Slasher House II is written, directed and produced by MJ Dixon, who returns to these chairs after Slasher House in 2012 and is also known for last year’s Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown. Francesca Louise White, Luna Wolf, Sophie Portman, David Hon Ma Chu, John Bam Goodall, Sam Cullingworth, Tiana Rogers and Jamie B. Chambers comprise the lead and supporting cast. Wellington Grosvenor returns as Charlie Corben in this upcoming release from co-producer Anna McCarthy.

Synopsis: Red (Francesca Louise White) has arrived in the big city just in time to find herself tied up in an epidemic of vanishing serial killers, but who is taking them and what do they want with the worlds most horrific masked murderers? As Red fights her way through a maze filled with assassins, monsters and maniacs she comes closer to discovering the truth behind the mystery and the mastermind behind the Slasher House.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)