It’s The ‘Apocalypse,’ Vampire Guardian Angels to Go Digital with Issue #7.

Vampire Guardian Angels Comics Are Going Digital!

Horror author Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series is going fully digital! Her new Patreon page will feature the digital comic book version of Vampire Guardian Angels starting with Issue 7, “Apocalypse”, and all future issues in a “subscription” based, ongoing digital series. Issue 7 and future issues will now be 50 pages or more of stories and art. Price will be drawing, inking and coloring her own comic books for the first time (with commissioned covers from other artists. Andrew Huerta is the cover artist for Issue 7), and publishing pages as she completes them. The stories feature a vicious, brutal and bloody vampire in an unusual but interesting, refreshing and disturbing theme.

Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned, independent and original comic book series created and written by Lia Scott Price. Enter a disturbing world where Guardian Angels have become a new breed of vicious vampire-angel hybrid and serial killer who hunt down humans who pray to them, who crave power and seek to enslave all humans and “earth vampires.” As these evil “Vampire Guardian Angels” begin to form armies and fight over a “creator” who holds the power of regeneration and the healing of angels, only one “good” angel remains to fight them, and both humans and “earth” vampires must also try to work together to stop them.

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