Indie flick called Socket

Looks like Fangoria got some pictures from the new Indie flick called Socket. Check out the plot synopsis and the trailer links below.


The film is about a surgeon who is struck by lightning and winds up recovering in his own hospital. There he meets an intern named Craig, who suffered the same natural accident and has developed an appetite for electrical voltage ,and Bill finds he has the same craving. Craig introduces him to an underground group of people who all share this addiction, and Bill comes up with a method of inserting electric sockets and prongs into the members’ wrists so they can "juice up". But after Bill accidentally discovers that he can mainline electricity from living people, he becomes hooked on absorbing this particular kind of power.

If any of you are homophobic in any sort of way (which I would think you are not this day and age) then you might want to stear clear of the trailer.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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