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Shriekfest and Team Up for a Second Time


Denise Gossett and Todd Beeson, festival directors of Shriekfest Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival, are proud to announce our continuing relationship with Lizanne Webb and John Koenig from Dark Romance. “Last year they really helped us honor our festival finalists by profiling their films and screenplays on the Dark Romance website. We are truly grateful for their passion in supporting our Festival”.

Dark Romance, the online journal of gothic and dark culture will partner once again with Shriekfest, the Los Angeles film festival and screenplay competition for the event’s Seventh Annual presentation.

Dark Romance will be sponsoring two awards to be given on the final night of the competition. The Key Art Award will be given to the filmmakers with the best movie poster design of the competition. They will also be sponsoring the Award for Best Cinematography.

In addition to sponsoring two awards, Dark Romance will also be actively involved with the design and content of the official Shriekfest website at Lizanne Webb, the site-manager of, has just completed rebuilding the longstanding Shriekfest site to better serve the festival’s goals and commitment to the up-and-coming filmmakers.

For the second year, will also present in-depth coverage of Shriekfest, featuring interviews with the directors of the film entries, reviews, and comments from festival audiences.

“Being involved with Shriekfest in any way is exciting, because the creative energy that motivates all of the participants is in the air. It’s a unique experience to witness so many new visions of horror and fantasy one after another, and the chance to meet some of the newest masters of horror before they become well-known directors is a thrill, besides being a potential opportunity to learn from them during the many post-screening question and answer sessions.

Denise Gossett and Todd Beeson are the most supportive and generous Festival Directors imaginable. They’ve made Shriekfest a classy venue for some really deserving talents to be recognized and honored in the heart of the film industry.

As a co-publisher of and a co-creator of, I’m grateful to be invited to partner with Shriekfest to introduce our readers to the event and to focus attention on the brilliant participants.”

John Koenig, co-publisher of, co-creator

“The first time I attended Shriekfest, in 2005, I was impressed with the sincerity of the event and how truly committed Denise is to helping the screenwriters and filmmakers who compete, find their place in the industry – including referrals and recommendations to producers and studios looking for great work. I thought ‘Wow!’ imagine if we could add further dimensions to this festival with real-time content, feedback from those who came to see the screenings and creating a buzz through DarkRomance’s network. So, in the spring of 2006 John and I approached Denise with our ideas and offered our support.

Through our involvement, we realized many new friendships and have continued to support those filmmakers, actors, and screenwriters through our site, as well.

With the foundation of last year’s efforts already in place, we are set to expand our involvement and support to including, supporting the Shriekfest site directly, sponsoring two awards (one, new to the Festival), and being enthusiastic participants on the judges’ panel for films.

John and I are committed to seeing this festival grow in the coming years.”

Lizanne Webb, co-publisher of, co-creator

Lizanne Webb and John Koenig, the co-creators of Dark and will be among the official judges whose votes will determine the winners of the festival’s major awards.

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!