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Murder Is Like Sex

For some reason everyone I meet with the name of Kevin always seems to be a pansy of some sort. Whether it was the Kevin that threw up on my desk in 6th grade or the one who was very attractive but very effeminate, so I steer clear of Kevin’s now. I am only kiddin not all Kevin’s suck… just those two I mentioned. Murder is Like Sex is about a guy named….guess? Kevin gets no ass since he is a such a puss.

He instead spends most of his time trying to rub one out but manages to get interupted every stinkin time he starts to engage in the act. So one day Kevin goes to run some errands for his little old lady neighbor and comes across a new spank your monkey kind of magazine that he just has to have. I swore he was going to leave it in the grocery bag and be humiliated but thankfully he didn’t!

So some how Kevin’s pent up sexual frustration and horniness conjure up what is supposed to be his true sexual fantasy and she starts to make his life a living hell. His friend Ken introduces Kevin to his cousin Lucy who he brags is a whore. Kevin and Lucy start to date and the perfect fantasy girl becomes a total frigging nightmare that refuses to go away.

Now the police are thinking Kevin is the one committing all of these murders while it’s really just his imaginary girl slicing and dicing. Can Kevin convince the police that he is innocent or will he be branded a murderer? The man doesn’t look like he could even defend himself let alone commit murder. Now it’s a race to see if they can prove who the real killer is before it’s too late.

Written by AngryPrincess