Southern Fried Bigfoot

Living in NJ, I know what it is like to have a legendary monster slinking around in the woods since The Jersey Devil has been spotted for decades. So many people have turned in accounts of seeing it but there is no actual proof. Well in Southern Fried Bigfoot you learn all about the hairy beast who has been dwelling down south since the first report back in 1837.

Does this creature actually exist or is it some elaborate hoax that has been continued for years? Countess reports have documented the monster, while huge footprints have been found and cast to study. Most of the casts have 3,4, or five toes which they seem to believe it is from the inbreeding within the Bigfoot breed. Science claims this whole deal as bullshit since there is no concrete evidence to support the claims of this swamp devil.

Bigfoot has been called many names such as yeti, sasquatch, cattle critter, mo mo, raggedy man, swamp devil, wild man, skunk ape, booger, and even the last caveman. He wasn’t given the name of Bigfoot until the 50’s and there were 1000’s of reports of people seeing this thing. Cattle was attacked which led them to believe that it’s a scary aggressive primate who is actually attracted to trailer parks.

Bigfoot is described as being well over 7ft tall with arms so long that when they hang down they go past his knees. Claims have said that sometimes it’s hairy body is silver, white or dark colored in nature. This documentary was a blast to watch and kinda makes you go “Hmmm could there really be Bigfoot somewhere out there?”  Who knows, science doesn’t have an answer for everything out there so why couldn’t there be a Bigfoot out there lurking?

4 outta 5 slashes