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Skeeter Review

Ever since I saw this on SciFi when I was a kid I always loved this movie because it scared me so much, much like what Arachnophobia did for me. The thought of those giant mosquitos coming down at me to kill me terrified me for many nights to come. Now… I look back on it and I laugh at it because it is truly a stupid, funny, amusing movie that I still enjoy. Plot is simple: as a result of illegal toxic waste dumping, mosquitoes have grown to an abnormally large size and begin wreaking havoc in a small town.

The acting, honestly, wasn’t that bad and it seemed as though the actors/actresses were really dedicated to their part but for such a small budget movie there are certainly much worse acting out there. Some of the more dramatic roles seemed campy but I don’t want to complain about that because it’s not that important.

Now, lets look at the special effects and the make up, since that’s what this movie seems to thrive on at points. The giant mosquitoes looked like really bad puppets… and for good reason because I am sure they did not have a budget for any flashy effects so I give them credit for the effort, the fact that they took what they got and ran with and for still making a decent movie wish bad puppetry. As for the gore… well, there was a lot of gory moments in this movie and I enjoyed it; I am sure there could have been a lot more considering the main enemy but oh well.

There were some really weird moments that didn’t need to be in there like the Indian deputy who creates ceremonial lights around a dead body with flares. Some awkward moments like, again, the Indian deputy walking around with his shirt hanging out of his pants but under his belt.

Overall, I wish this movie had enough money because than they could make it as epic as the tagline sounds. But for what it was, it wasn’t bad. I liked it although it’s hard for me to classify this as a horror but more along the lines of science fiction because there aren’t any real scary scenes in there that I found. It wasn’t bad and I think the concept was great. I own it, and I am usually harsh on these movies but this one is an exception.

Written by FreddysFingers