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Evil Ed Review

This movie has always been one of my favorites as a kid and it left such a huge impression on me. Evil Ed is a Swedish made film that was sort of scary, but more a horror tribute film with a splash of comedy with it. The premise is about an editor who gets a promotion and begins editing extremely bloody slasher flicks. Now, after watching to any hack and slash films he looses his grip on reality and begins slaughtering people. There are a number of things that make this movie work but you have understand that it does get loony at times and it’s all in good fun.

First off, the great thing about this movie is its numerous movie connections with other great classic horror film. The green monster in the fridge closely resembles the gremlins from Gremlins or even the Crites from Critters. The of the fictional slasher series Loose Limbs is named Sam Campbell, a tribute to Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi from Evil Dead series. There are posters b-movies on the walls and it plays homage to the cheesy one-liners that indie movies often have. Even the movie itself is titled Evil Ed in reference to Evil Dead.

The humor in this movie is not over done, but at times uncalled for. The Boss of Edward has some great lines and some of the wacky things that Ed says are also pretty funny. Like I said, I am sure some of the lines in this movie are inspired the by the corny one-liners that b-movies have and you can really see it in this movie. A scene where a I guy blows his head off, blood everywhere and Sam says, “Your fired.” C’mon, that’s pure cheesy brilliance. The movie does get pretty gory at some points, such as the hospital scene. Although, I think in this movie the gore should be overdone because of the way that Ed’s psychosis is… you never really know if it’s imagination. Even the gore, in some way, is pushed so far that I could be considered funny in some ways.

However, despite these connections, the movie had bad acting and very bad voice-overs. That was one thing that really bothered me at times was the unnecessary voice-overs. There were times when the voice-over didn’t match up with the lips and times when the acting was very overdramatic and it briefly took me out of the movie.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good cheesy movie with notable movie references, good gory fun and attributes independent movies for what they are, then you’ll love this movie. Despite it’s minor flaws I love this movie and it truly is one of the better Swedish made horror flicks out there.