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Imagine the pain one would feel when their mate dies. Vivian is now one of those people since her husband Alex just passed. She sits around the house depressed and withdrawn for what seems to be all day and night. At the funeral for Alex you can tell she is a little bit off but why shouldn’t she be since the man she loved and married is gone.

Her sister Sherry shows up at the wake and tells her that she is there for her is she needs her. Vivian seems to be a shy timid lady that always wanted to please her husband so she would do everything he said. Her sister Sherry is the complete opposite of her. She is outgoing, crass, sneaky, and easy. Sherry was more of a party girl who was out to have fun and she did what she wanted not what she was told.

Vivian starts having these strange dreams where Alex is trying to tell her something but she just doesn’t know what. She starts to think that all these dreams mean something and that maybe Alex’s death at the hotel wasn’t an accident. Sherry tells her she is obsessed and needs to get a damn grip on herself. Alex’s death was accidental and the dreams are just that, dreams. 

Is Vivian losing it or is there something in the dreams that actually means something? Sherry and her start to bicker because Sherry doesn’t like Alex and thinks he was to demanding and controlling. Can they get it together to move on or will all hell break loose between them? Widow definitely has some tricks up it’s sleeves for you to say “damn, I didn’t even see that coming!”

Written by AngryPrincess

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