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Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas Review

I have stated it many times that I am a fan of Hack Movies and their particular brand of horror and comedy and I think it takes a very special kind of person to enjoy their humor considering their vulgarity. Well, with that said, I saw their newest film entitled Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas. The story is about Nixon and Hogan, two stoners who have to bring the last three remaining presents to their owners after Santa becomes a zombie from smoking voodoo week instead of Christmas weed from Sarsaparilla The Weed Witch. But the owners of the presents aren’t your typical owners because& well, they live in Strangeville of course. This was a decent movie, it wasn’t my favorite but it kept me entertained.

The plot would make for a great children’s TV movie during the Christmas season only it has a Hack Movies twist. I guess if I were to isolate the problem with this movie, and this might be because I am a little bias, it would have to be the weed humor and the fact that it’s about magical marijuana. I get that the two main characters are potheads but making a plot around magical weed just didn’t do it for me I guess.

In the beginning of the movie their drug dealer has a girl (presumably a hooker) change his diaper as part of some kind of fetish and then she smears his shit all over her face. This turned me off and that’s because I am not usually accustomed to watching near-shit porn or scenes showing Santa getting a pickle rammed up his ass. I’m still trying to understand the style of Hack Movies in greater depth and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but some of the scenes were ‘out there’ even for Hack Movies.

Of the things that I enjoyed; I still enjoyed the dialogue because it’s catchy and it’s unique. As I stated before, it’s as if Quentin Tarantino wrote the dialogue for a very filthy porno movie. However, when Santa does arrive, the conversation between Nixon, Hogan and Santa drags on a bit. The only problem that might come up is that it might get tiring after awhile. It’s fun to listen to after the first few movies but if you keep playing that one not, it’s going to be very boring.

Hack Movies is one for practical effects to and doesn’t rely to heavily on CGI, which is great because indie movies that use CGI look really bad. Santa’s zombie makeup was okay but I think there are really two highlights of the movie: as corny and it looked, the walking pumpkin monster was pretty fun to see. It was done with the best intensions and I think that it worked, and his weakness for pumpkin pie was pretty cute. I also loved the scenes when the two girls at the end turn into monsters and the giant dick that Sarsaparilla grows was good too, even though it was really random and perverted.

You really have to like Hack Movies and the films that they make to like this one and if you are a die-hard fan, I am sure you’ll like this film. I am not a die-hard fan but I enjoy their stuff and this movie isn’t as good as the other ones, but it’s not entirely unwatchable. If you want a movie that you can watch when you are board, give this one a shot& it won’t disappoint in that sense. However, there is a general rule of thumb that I learned: try not to self-promote yourself within your own movie. Just a friendly reminder.