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Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island Review

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island. Reviewed by Brian Kirst

Goofy, over-the-top and filmed on the cheap in 2007, as directly noted in the film, Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island takes the familiar story of a blood brewing  initiation night and mixes it up a bit with some comic ghosts, multiple red herrings and a healthy mix of homoerotism and gay sex.

Frat pledge, Jack, not only must hide his love for a well to do, established fraternity brother, but he also has to try make it through the night after a maniac clown shows up on the secluded island where he and his frantic classmates are being hazed. Of course, some of the brothers are too busy getting it on to notice their dwindling ranks or that the ghosts of a handful of truly incompetent Americana performers, trapped on the island for decades, are desperately searching for flesh and blood replacements.

Headed by the charming Tyler Farrell as Jack, all of writer-director Mark Jones’ performers are eager and in on the fun (if not proficiently skilled) and Jones’ willingness to have some fun at the expense of academia and the naturally implied homoeroticism of ‘the brotherhood’ truly compensates for a few of the film’s weaker moments or for any of the broader jokes that ultimately fall flat in this, ultimately, cute and pertly enjoyable time waster.

Written by BrianK

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