Review: Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas

Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas. Reviewed by Brian Kirst

That was salad dressing & I carry that shit in my pants sometimes cause you never know when you’ll run into a nice, fresh garden salad.

Filled with mad scientists, conjurors, a Pumpkinhead-vegetable creature (in the brilliant guise of the Hack Movies logo), Lovecraftian tentacle beasts and more shit shots than a nursery school bathroom, Kevin Strange’s Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas is Hack Movies’ latest potty mouth poem to filmmaking ‘ and one that is ultimately enjoyable no matter what time of year it happens to be.

After Santa smokes the zombie pot intended as a Christmas gift for the titular characters, the duo decide to help the jolly (currently undead ) one out by delivering his few remaining Christmas gifts to the residents of Strangeville. Of course, being among the nonliving doesn’t stop Santa from enjoying the pleasures of some drug hungry college girls and the anal pleasures of a huge cucumber. But all the respectable church bashing nudity and Clive Barker inspired bibles of blood in the world may not save Santa and his two favorite helpers from the vengeful fury of a local holiday spirit stealing goddess.

Featuring enjoyably over-the-top performances, a strong female villainess in the form of Sasparilla, the Weed Witch (whom is determined to kill Santa to control Christmas herself) and all the charmed (and thrusting) irreverence of past Hack Movies’ productions, Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas is further proof of the demented genius of Kevin Strange and a nice introduction to the fabulous fury that is Sasparilla (gloriously embodied by triplesix), whom will hopefully be energetically infesting further tales of Strangeville.

Written by BrianK

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