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DEADHEADSDeadheads 2011
Review by Brad Bruce

Zombies have come a long way. Over the years the genre has evolved from voodoo cursed people to chemical spills, gas clouds even Martian infections, and despite being a fan of fast moving zombies or the classic slow walkers, one things for sure zombies are popular. There is even a group of people that pray that the zombie infest will come true.

Even though zombies are in the horror genre, they have a mythic aura to them that puts them above regular horror films. Alas with so many zombie movies there’s bound to be good and bad and for the most part bad. The Romero zombies get a pass. Since George is the godfather of the zombie movement, his films are always great. There are a small upper echelon league of zombie films, Shaun of the Dead, Cemetery Man, Dead Alive to name a few. Well make room because there’s a new title to add to the list. DEADHEADS. From the PIERCE BROTHERS BRETT and DREW from Deadheads stars ROSS KIDDER and MICHAEL MCKIDDY as two recently reanimated zombies who set out on a quest to rekindle a long lost love.

Deadheads recently screened at the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL and sold out it’s first night. So the NBFF gave them an encore showing and it sold out as well, and because of that they were giving a third screening. Deadheads won the outstanding achievement in filmmaking award at the NBFF and everyone involved deserved it.

The film is a breath of fresh air in the already stale world of horror films. It’s cleverly written by the pierce brothers, the characters they have created are solid and that’s rare for zombie films. The way they capture the perspective form the zombie’s point of view is flawless. The struggle of mankind is there but the focus is all the zombies this time, and it works perfectly. The characters grow in front of you. From CHEESE Played to perfection by MARKUS TAYLOR to EDEN MALYN who’s portrayal of EMILY is tOo cute for words. Ross kidder and Michael Mckiddys on-screen chemistry is a delight to watch.

The brothers poured their entire being into this project and the proof is on screen. The movie delivers huge laughs and is quite touching where it needs to be. It has every element of any GREAT zombie film but goes above and beyond to give you what you want when you sit down in the theater watch a movie… and that’s pure entertainment. This movie is destined to be a cult classic, and that’s a term that I don’t use often.

So if you’re into any type of horror, zombies, comedy, gore and road trips, you need to call your local theaters and demand they show DEADHEADS


Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!