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The Breed – First Press Release

Ok! The ball is about to start rolling on a new film franchise called The Breed. Everything is currently in development and nothing has even reached preproduction yet. However, HorrorSociety has been provided with the first press release so that we can introduce this upcoming series to horror and scifi fans. You get to be lucky enough to say you heard about The Breed before it became a widely known phenomenon. After 25 years of thought, The Breed is now becoming a reality – read below for all the details.

Taken directly from the press release: “The Breed is the brand name of the entire Tolkeinized franchise of the supernatural underworld, as described by Charles R. Barbin. The Breed is planned out to be several feature films about certain key individuals or groups within the Breed organization, followed by a trilogy about the history of Kaja (an ancient God) and his followers, the Breed. The trilogy will follow the development and connection of the groups of the Breed from creation to present day and beyond *.  The Breed will feature character and story designs outlined by Charles Barbin, artwork by Dennis Willman, and scripts written by various screenwriters.”

The first film under The Breed, and Midian Entertainment, is tentatively titled Feeding On Fear. It is written by Ken King and will be produced by Raymond Wade. In Feeding On Fear, the story of Erik is told. Erik is a high schooler “who gets beat up by some bully classmates and left unconscious under a stack of wood that is going to be burned for the town’s fall harvest (Halloween) celebration. The townsfolk unknowingly and accidentally burned him to death within the burning timbers. A year later, Erik returns to take his revenge.” Rumored cast members for Feeding On Fear include Erik Williams (The Man In The Maze), Andrew Roth (Waterfront Nightmare), Michael Santi (Grave Reality), Frederic Doss (Humans vs Zombies), Tommie Lindsay, Jr, and Brandon Slagle (Plasterhead).

As I mentioned above, The Breed films will all feature important individuals within the organization. Other groups and individuals being considered for development include: “The Gentlemen” – 10 orphans who grow up to be refined, prestigious men with supernatural powers, “The Seven Sisters” – beautiful women who practice ancient magics, “Fear Eaters,” “Sentinels,” “Walkers,” “Shadowmancers,” and many more. All creatures within The Breed are connected through their ancient God, Kaja.

The marketing scheme behind The Breed is much akin to Lord of The Rings or “The Avengers.” The franchise will develop its own numbers, letters, and relics. As far as merchandise is concerned, a lot of different fields will be encompassed. Energy drinks, t-shirts, action figures, comic books, video games, weapon replicas, trading cards, jewelry, and more will be manufactured for die-hard fans of the series.

Future information about this large project can be found at the following places:,, or

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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