Cast and crew update for The Breed

The latest information in The Breed saga by Raymond Wade and Midian Entertainment…

Two films from the franchise which are currently in development, Feeding On Fear and The Blacksheep, are chugging away in terms of eventually coming to the production phase. One of the steps on this latter is the casting phase and locking in the crew members. Via The Breed website, I have an updated cast and crew list for each film, but remember some of these people are still in talks and aren’t confirmed for either project yet.

Feeding On Fear – A story about a young man who is accidentally burned alive at a bonfire and returns from the dead to seek revenge on the town. The story and characters are created by Charles R. Barbin with Ken King helping with characters as well as writing the screenplay. Raymond Wade himself is going to be the producer and Anthony Calliano will serve as director. Cast members will include Erik Williams, Andrew Roth, Michael Santi, Frederic Ross, Steven Lyons-Wade, and Tommie Lindsay Jr. Soren Bryce Martin, Sean Edwards, Cyndi Crotts, and Brandon Slagle are in talks about joining this film.

The Blacksheep – An elite special forces squad who were so good, they were too good and the government that hired them orders their demise. Saved by mysterious carvings inside a cave, they emerge years later and with stunning new, dark powers. The story is written by Charles Barbin and Raymond Wade will take up the role as producer. Andrew Roth, Michael Santi, Frederic Ross, and Tommie Lindsay Jr will return to the franchise. Charlie Wagner, Timothy Perez, and Matt Bonacci are in talks to join The Blacksheep as cast members.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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