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New Indie Thriller/Horror Film Unhallowed Bond

Check out Shane Cole’s (The Mutilation Man / Everyday Joe / Visions of Horror) new indie thriller/horror feature film  “Unhallowed Bond”

Andie, Candace & Julie were looking for a night of fun when they decided to stay in a supposed haunted house. Several days later Candace finds herself in the midst of strange happenings. When she calls on Andie for help, it’s up to her to seek the answers.

Introducing Megan Lynn, Kathy Sue Holtorf (Like Wolves / The Bleeding) Sabrina Carmichael (The Mutilation Man), Kk Ryder (Wendigo: Bound in Blood), George Lofland, Robert Dough (III in 3d), Jon D’ Acunto, and features cameos by Elissa Dowling (The Theatre Bizarre / Bloody Bloody Bible Camp) and Emma Julia Jacobs (Make Up Fx Piranha 3DD – The Mutilation Man – The Collector)

Crew: Directed by Shane Cole. Produced by Shane Cole and Megan Lynn, Make UP Fx by Emma Julia Jacobs & Rebecca Kuzma
Written by Shane Cole, Megan Lynn & David Fite

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Trailer coming soon!

Written by Mitchell Wells

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