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LORD OF TEARS Haunts the Scottish Highlands


LORD OF TEARS looks to be a moody and atmospheric offering of Scottish cinema that will work its way under the viewers skin. Just watch the trailer if you doubt me. The title creature is that of which nightmares are made blending the urban legend of Slender Man with Highland folklore–an owl headed monster dressed in fairly dapper fashion. Don’t think this is a friendly anthropomorphic critter fresh out of Toad Hall-those claws aren’t meant for social calls.

The film is finished. Its also edited. But filmmaker Lawrie Brewster needs your help. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to polish the film for distribution. This will help him and his crew to put a soundtrack to the film, develop materials for the marketing of the film and help cover the fees for festival submission. Help spread this eerie malevolent tale as far as it can go!

The Scottish location is reminiscent of THE WICKERMAN and the setting of the estate evokes memories of THE HAUNTING. Check out these images of Owl Man. He is unique and genuinely horrifying. His malevolent gaze is truly unnerving and his evil seems as ethereal as the highland mist. This entity haunts the thoughts and dreams of school teacher James Findlay. This leads him to dig into his past attempting to unearth the repressed memories which may be tied to the creature.

LORD OF TEARS was written by Sarah Daly (Metaphorest) and stars David Schofield (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, GLADIATOR) and Lexy Hulme. Check out the trailer below.

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