SLASH To Begin Filming Summer 2013 in New Mexico

S-PosterSLASH is an upcoming feature film from White Chapel, LLC- Rycke Foreman and Maria (Monsteworks 66) Olsen. With pre-production underway, SLASH will begin filming this summer in New Mexico. Names currently attached to the four week shoot are Maria Olsen, Todd Farmer, and Gibby Haynes. Several A-list cameos are also expected.

Hopefully the recent resurgence of slasher films will help this production gain additional funding through their Indie Go-Go campaign. The sub-genre always comes around every 15 years or so and if the popularity of flicks such as THE SLEEPER is any indicator things are looking up. Add to that the fertile ground that is the mystery of Jack the Ripper and the story becomes timeless as well.

SLASH brings the story of the Ripper from the foggy streets of Whitechapel in London to White Chapel, New Mexico. It is also a story about family discord as step-brothers Cade and Trench have to deal with the horrific events as they transpire.

The synopsis reads:
When his fantasy becomes your reality…
As his fellow cast members are butchered around him, a young actor must deal with his violent step brother and his own demons…or die trying…

Casting will begin in April and most of the 25-30 speaking parts and 350 background parts will be cast locally. The crew will number approximately 85 and any interested parties should contact producer Lora Carlson at Any that are interested in investing, product placement or advertising should visit the film’s official website.

Official Website:

Indie Go-Go:


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