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The Crawling Dead Now Available for Pre-Order


The Crawling Dead is Eamon Hardiman and Razor Sharp Production’s upcoming sequel to their hit Zombie Babies.  The film is split up into episodes to premier as a web series with the final product being compiled together and released as a feature film.

There is no real plot details for the film at the moment but those familiar with the first film will know they can not predict the outcome of the film and the only way to know where it will go is to pre-order the movie.  Pre-order for the sequel is now live over at

Those that pre-order the 2 disc DVD or Bluray will get their copy signed by the cast and crew and both are filled with gore, nudity, and special features.  The DVD is now priced for $15 and the Bluray is $20 shipped domestically with $7 added to international orders.  Both will be released sometime in June so head on over to and support West Virginia horror!.



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