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A Blood Story: Mindy Robinson Interview


This is my second interview with horror hottie Mindy Robinson, and what amazes me, is how much hard work and dedication she has. Since, the last time we talked, she’s added more credits to her name. And she’s not showing any sign of slowing down.

The gore-tastic blond bombshell got some time from her busy schedule to talk about her latest film, in which she stars in, playing a role that is all to familiar to her, in Joe Hollow’s suspenseful/horror, A Blood Story. READ ON!

Horror Society: For fans that don’t know much about this film, what can you tell us about A Blood Story?

Mindy Robinson: It’s a beautifully shot dramatic horror movie, I cannot wait to see the footage after post production!

598717_297646520349923_962301031_nHS: You shot in Florida, what was that experience like?

MR: The director Joe Hollow worked very hard creating the perfect sets for each scene, but the coolest part was getting to film on location at Gissy Springs, I had never seen water so blue.

HS:. A Blood Story as a killer cast, what was it like working with horror icon Linnea Quigley?

MR: She’s wonderful, it’s always great getting to work with people that have done so much. In fact, the entire cast did an incredible job defining all their specific characters.

HS: You play Madison Sheffield, what can you tell us about your character?

MR: She’s a retired bikini model, which I really empathized with because it’s a very real fear in the industry to be an accident, imperfection, or wrinkle away from being unemployable.

HS. Can you tell us, how much trouble if any will she get herself into?

MR:I believe in surprises.

HS: What is it that you love about horror movies?

MR: There’s something about watching horrible things happen to other people…that just makes you feel glad to be alive and not be chopped up, tortured or what not.

HS: What was it that got you excited about this film?

MR: Joe Hollow and Debra Lamb were nice enough to reach out to me and offer me the role of Madison, I have done a ton of featured, supporting or reality show work before but this was my lead role at the time. I have the feeling it will absolutely top everything I’ve ever done.

HS: How much blood and gore can we expect from A Blood Story?

MR: It’s more suspenseful than chop shop, I think people are really going to respond to it.

HS: My last and final question, is there anything that I forgot to talk about that you wanted to let the fans know about this picture?

MR: There’s a lot of lighting and art direction that went into every single scene….it’s going to make for a very special viewing experience.

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I want to thank Mindy for taking the time to do this BLOODY awesome interview with me. If you want to also find out more about A Blood Story, you can follow them on Facebook for all the latest information.

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