Re-Penetrator (Review)

rpposterDirector – Doug Sakmann (The XXXorcist)
Starring – Joanna Angel (Fuckenstein) and Tommy Pistol (Dong of the Dead)
Release Date – 2004
Rating – 1/5

Tagline – “Dr. Herbert Breast has a very good head on his shoulders…and another one on his dick in his pants”

One evening I was browsing the old threads in a forum I visit frequently when I came across a thread called “erotic horror.”  I had to look, hell, who wouldn’t?  While looking through the list of films, I found a few actual horror movies that had un-simulated sex scenes, a few of this films are not notorious, while the other films are straight up porn parodies.

I’m not a porn person but I have watched some of the parodies to have a good laugh, but when I saw one of my favorite horror movies was parodied in Re-Penetrator I had to give it a watch.  As many of you have already figured out, the movie is a parody of Re-Animator.

I did not expect much when I sat down to watch it and that is exactly what I took away from it…nothing.  This is not the only reason I watched it.  So, a porn watching I will go.

**Spoiler Alert**The story is simple enough, even when compared to a porn with a plot.  The film follows Dr. Herbert Breast, as he re-animates the dead with his glowing green serum.


Through dialogue is it revealed that he has re-animated corpses before, however, they craved brains instead of sex.  This time he re-animates a young girl and right off the bat he gets his pecker wet.  After unleashing on her face, he can not go on but her sexual appetite is insatiable.  She then starts riding him some more and begins ripping him apart.  When he dies she gets his serum and the film ends.**Spoiler Alert**

There is only one thing I can give this movie credit for and that is being clever.  The porn puns while using Re-Animator is clever and mildly amusing.  That does not save this shitfest, however.  This was easily the most disgusting thing I have ever laid my eyes on.

The sex scenes are utterly disgusting.  I honestly don’t see how any one can pop a chub when the two are spitting blood and guts on each other while doing the old in out.  I don’t see how that could get any one’s knickers in a bunch when guts are involved.  Well, any one but Dahmer I guess.  Because this is a real porn there is no need to dissect the acting and story.  I’m not going to get any deeper in to this other than to just warn any one looking to watch this to stay away.  It is not funny or entertaining, just disgusting and weird.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.