Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color: Bride of Boogedy (Review)

bobposterDirector – Oz Scott (Mr. Boogedy)
Starring – Richard Masur (Mr. Boogedy, Encino Man), Mimi Kennedy (Due Date), and Tammy Lauren (Deadly Nightmares, Wishmaster)
Release Date – 1987
Rating – 3.5/5

When I was little I was introduced to what become a staple of my Halloween tradition.  I saw Mr. Boogedy for the first time and I have watched it almost every October for almost a decade now after I found it on VHS.  Sadly, I never knew that film had a sequel until I was in high school and was never able to actually see it until I was in college when I scored a copy on VHS and then kicked myself for never seeing it.

I was not able to get this VHS converted to mp4 format but the internet is a wonderful thing and so is Youtube.  I was able to watch it on Youtube so I don’t have to rely on my VHS and it’s degrading quality.

**Spoiler Alert**The film picks up some time after the event of the first film, Mr. Boogedy.  The Davis family has went on to embrace their new life in their New England community.   As a local festival approaches Carleton Davis (Masur) is asked to be guest of honor.  However, his rival in the novelty business, Tom Lynch (Eugene Levy), is highly pissed.  As he tries to sabotage the upcoming festivities, Carleton’s two sons accidentally unleash Mr. Boogedy and hilarity ensues.

Mr. Boogedy is able to snatch Carleton’s wife to call his own forcing the remaining Davis family members to band together to send him back where he belongs.  However, things do not end there.  Tom finds Mr. Boogedy’s magical coat and uses it for his own fiendish plans only to be thwarted, just like Mr. Boogedy, by the Davis family.**Spoiler Alert**


What I really like about children’s horror and Halloween flicks is that they add so much cheesy humor and comedic effects to what would typically be a tale of the mad and macabre.  The cheesy special effects, oddball acting, and gothic settings make these films perfect for the Halloween season.  Sadly, over time most of these films are forgotten with the release of newer Halloween oriented flicks.  This movie does a great job at getting the viewer in the Halloween spirit and is perfect for the whole family.

The acting is quirky and care-free just like in the first film which really adds to the fun the film has to offer.  The story is more of the original but with a major role written in just to have the crazy antics of a jealous Eugene Levy entertain the audience.  Though the film is very similar to the original it is still fun as hell and can still be watched back to back with the original to make a great double feature.

Finally, those looking for blood and gore in this one will be disappointed but you will see a great deal of cheesy 80s special effects and some decent practical effects.  Overall, those of you that are looking for some good, clean fun then look no further because this one will definitely entertain you.


Written by Blacktooth

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