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David Noel Bourke’s White Pig Begins Shooting and Reveals a Killer

White-Pig-Marie-Louise-Wille-Still Director David Noel Bourke has started shooting his horrifying crime thriller White Pig. The film is loosely based on the Anders Breivik mass murder case, in which seventy-seven people lost their lives. White Pig is also look at immigration, violence and one man’s xenophobia. The film stars Marie Louise Wille, Gerard Carey Bidstrup, Julie R. Ølgaard and Jannik Jensen. And now, the first trailer for the film is here.

In the story, a man with a criminal past, Jens, turns to violence as immigration in his country increases. A young detective, Mia, is tasked with hunting this killer down. And, both characters will meet in the back alleys of Copenhagen, Denmark. Blood will fill the streets.

White Pig is well into pre-production. The film will be seeking other financing as the film moves towards completion. A release date will be announced shortly. The official trailer is just below.

Official synopsis: “White Pig is a story that covers a series of grisly murders that shake up a whole country. Told through the eyes of both the killer, Jens, and the police officer, Mia, this story unravels mysteriously, until Mia faces a monster masked as a very normal person. They both end up dangerously crossing each other, which ultimately determines how they alter each other’s fate, forever” (Angel Films/LEP Studios).

Keep up to date on the feature film:

White Pig on IMDB official:

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