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Wolf Creek 2 (2014) Review

Wolf Creek 2 movie poster 4

Starring:  John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn, Philippe Klaus, Shane Connor, Ben Gerrard, Chloé Boreham

Directed by:  Greg Mclean

Written by:  Greg Mclean and Aaron Sterns

Running time:  106 minutes

Rated:  R (for extreme horror violence, adult situations, language)

Reviewed by Michael Juvinall


Wolf Creek 2 hits VOD on April 17th and theaters on May 16th from RLJ/Image Entertainment.


The Outback of southern Australia is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, while at the same time is one of theWolf Creek 2 image most deadly as well. The remote desert-like terrain is home to some of the most deadly predators in the world. Home to an array of reptiles whose venom can kill within hours and insects that can do the same, there is danger everywhere you look in the Outback. The Outback is also home to Mick Taylor, one of South Australia’s most dangerous predators. Mick is the witty, crazed serial killer returning from 2005’s surprise hit film Wolf Creek, directed by Greg Mclean. Mclean is back again to helm this long-awaited sequel and has more tricks up his sleeve to horrify the audience.

The serial-killing pig-shooter Mick Taylor (John Jarratt-Wolf Creek, Shiver, Rogue) is again on the prowl for unsuspecting tourists visiting his outback. We’re introduced to backpackers Rutger (Phillipe Klaus), Katarina (Shannon Ashlyn), and Paul (Ryan Corr) who are visiting the Wolf Creek Crater National Park. Their relaxing Australian holiday takes a turn for the worse when they unwittingly encounter Mick Taylor. Mick is out to cleanse his Outback from dirty foreigners ruining his homeland Wolf Creek 2 image 8and no one wants to end up on his chopping block!

The backpackers must flee across the Outback with crazed Mick in hot pursuit. They end up in a horrific game of cat and mouse across the desolate and deadly Outback. The only way to survive against this maniacal killer is to outwit him and become as crazed as he is. Who will survive the deadly assault that Mick Taylor has in store for these foreign travelers?

Director Greg Mclean (Rogue, Wolf Creek) and John Jarratt pull off an incredible feat-they make a film as tremendous as the original. Actor John Jarratt has proved once again that his Mick Taylor character is far deadlier than any animal predator in the Outback. Jarratt does such an outstanding job of bringing this multi-layered character to life, that he definitely belongs alongside some of the greatest horror movie villains of all time.

Wolf Creek 2 image 2

Wolf Creek 2 is a superior horror thriller that works on many levels. The Mick Taylor character is unsettling as he goes about the business of slaughtering his victims while spewing witty one-liners, making it downright chilling. Mick is not your average dumb slasher; he’s extremely smart, funny, and deadly. I truly enjoyed some of Mick’s one-liners which were hilariously funny with the best giving a nod to the children’s film Babe.

The writing by Greg Mclean and Aaron Sterns is top notch. It is not full of the normal horror movie clichés. TheWolf Creek 2 image 7 characters in the film are very smart and make smart decisions. There is no one dimensional characters to be found in the film. The acting in Wolf Creek 2 is way above average with of course, the standout roll going to John Jarratt as Mick Taylor. Jarratt has been around for a long time and I don’t think has yet gotten the credit he deserves as an actor. The remainder of this small cast is also top-tier.

Fans of blood and gore will not be disappointed with Wolf Creek 2. It is chock full of gruesome carnage with out-of-this-world makeup effects by Connelly Makeup FX and his team. The film is definitely not for the squeamish and faint-of-heart.

My only real complaint about the film is that I wish we could find out more about Mick’s motivations for doing what he does and what does he do with his victims once he has them in his lair because it’s only hinted at in the film, but this is only a minor complaint and does not really affect the quality of the movie.

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Wolf Creek 2 is a very satisfying piece in the crowded serial killer sub-genre. The film fires on all cylinders with director Mclean and lead Jarratt pulling no punches in this unrelenting and unsettling journey into terror. The film is edge-of-your-seat entertainment that will make you wince, laugh, and possibly cry. For fans of the original and horror in general, Wolf Creek 2 is not to be missed.

Pentagram 4.5 ratings

4 ½ out of 5 Pentagrams!

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Written by Michael Juvinall

I am a Horror journalist, producer, ravenous Horror fiend, aficionado of the classic Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, Werewolves, and all things Horror.